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Archive for the ‘Spiritual’ Category

Poem: Across the great river

The face of day is darkened in this wilderness -
The earth, from a curse is barren of lasting happiness;
While these black clouds are hanging here so low,
From toil and strife we’ll never respite know…

Across the great river, there is not a shadow of gloom
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Poem: Immanuel

Down in the valley of ash and bone
Zion’s hope was worn with chagrin,
Until, on those who sat in darkness, light shone;
Jesse’s stump had budded once again!

… He was a gifted rabbi for sure
And did such miracles none had ever seen,
Yet they could see neither king nor savior
In this most humble Nazarene.

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Poem: These big suits (false prophets)

Dazzling in their mystic garbs
Apostles of a late testament
They shield their faces inside a veil
And bear an emblem of a serpent, leprosy and blood -
All three signs of Moses.
These prophets carry strange fire on their heads
Noisy blinding firecrackers, unarmed,
All I make of them is a big suit full of hot air
Beclouding others with the pomp by which they discharge flatus

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Poem: Mortals playing at God

Primeval is the lust to close the gap between man and his maker
But man is hardly satisfied for God to be the reconciler
Man ignores his debts and presumes he is his own savior
Than God’s Word, crucified, they decide they can use more
They have learnt how the spirit rules the physical
And so they study to be mystical -
Through extreme exercise to enter ‘the spirit’.
Today scientists research on how God is a lie
And mystics try by assorted rituals God to demystify.
Since the garden, man has challenged God’s knowledge
The desire to be His equal has thrown them over the safe edge.

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Poem: I look to The Cross

I look at the spot, where the worst of Criminals died
[Golgotha’s place of a skull]
Save the case of the innocent man who himself sacrificed
For all transgressions to take the fall

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Poem: Free as a bird

Whilst shafts of pain may transfix my soul
In the six by six of uncertain questions
Of this void and vague life-prison,
My heart, free as a bird
Will trace dawn’s golden streaks
Up my cell’s iron bars
To greet God’s grace in the morning.

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Poem: The Savior’s love call

Come O suffering wayfarer
I Am the Bread of Life
To the wells of salvation draw nearer
And quit from wayward strife

Come and be relieved of your guilt-burden
No matter how dark your taints
Come and find rest from vain laboring
At the fountain that births saints

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Poem: Tell it to the birds

Tell it to the birds, I am not listening
Tell it to the birds, for all I care
Tell it to the birds, I don’t believe it
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Poem: The gospel truth

I’m the rugged and hard worn gospel truth;
The aged, weather beaten, sun-washed road sign Read the full article here …

Poem: Turn on The Light

I could drag on like this or I may not
About how I’m living or dying – guessing or caring not
Thriving is a lesser problem – this is a different kind;
I’m not seeking to be special …
Whereas what is normal is so undefined
What is my existence? I’m blinded to ordained purpose…
Who am I?
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