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Archive for the ‘Romance’ Category

Poem: Your back is turned on me

Your back-side always had it’s appeal
I liked to watch your comely shape
Melt into the shadows;
I liked the juicing of adrenaline,
As I chased you into the dark
The rush, as I closed in on you
I was your junkie
I wouldn’t go to sleep until you made me high. Read the full article here …

Poem: Deep kiss

Your lips are like smooth pebbles
Washed out and shining on the river bank
Their parting is like the freshness
Frothing on the surface of the ocean
Calling me for a cool dip or a warm plunge
Depending on whether it’s a sunny afternoon or a chilly night. Read the full article here …

Poem: My Beauty Queen

I don’t know what may happen if you entered for a beauty pageant
Gladly, it doesn’t matter here
[Placing my right hand across my chest and over my heart]
Here there’s only one crown, one judge and one contestant,
There’s no second possible outcome.
You are my uncontested beauty queen.
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Poem: Wedding Day

Life, God has made rich in wonders -
We haven’t seen them all.
Yet it’ll never give us enough satisfaction
If we only always look for more.
We often think that great blessings
Only lie in painful paths
So we despise the simple chance for love, joy and fulfillment
That God bestows in our laps.

It seems my beloved, you landed right in my lap Read the full article here …

Poem: Fantasies of happiness

The way exotic fragrances pervade a rose garden’s air
The way a brilliant yellow adorns the sun flower fair
The way birds chirping high pitched melodies crown the break of new day
and how the colors of the rainbow further brighten a sunlit sky.
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Poem: Love Note

Dear Love,

It’s no mere cliché,
what people say
that being a man
is no easy slide.
But though,
having a beautiful woman
to love and cherish
alone wont make it a jolly ride.
yet the effect of you
looking up to
and cheering at me
adds adventure
to each and every stride.
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