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This post was written by Tee Akindele on July 17, 2010
Posted Under: Spiritual

Poem: God-Friend

I have friends who love me,
In this wise, I accord most of them merit.
In thick and thin, some ‘ve been there really
Yet it’s only within a human limit.

When I’m needy they often offer help -
At least they show sympathy when unable.
They also have their own problems and handicap
Like me, they are finite - thwarted by the impossible.

There is only one friend who is infinite,
His divine essence transcends the limits of the sky;
I can refer to Him my every plight
For He is in reiterating multiples stronger than I.

He only can assure in the roller coaster of uncertainty and doubt
And hold me fast enough when I’m fiercely spun;
He can reach deep enough to draw me out
If ever I’m caught in the dreary depths of sorrow’s canyon.

In trouble, in peace, He’s right there by my side -
No vacation or distance comes between us;
When I need comfort, He knows just how I feel inside
As the apple of one’s eyes, I’m to Him precious.

He has moved mountains and calmed troubled seas,
His grace has never failed and avails me even now;
My God-friend – His power shines in tender mercies;
Why ever have I worried? He always has known ‘the how’.

2001, poem by Tee Akindele

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