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New year palaver

Stringed with so many unsuccessful resolutions and strained with so very demanding wishes, stretched with several uncertain anticipations and chequered with diverse experiences, hard-used and expired, an old year passes out of our lives. Determined to bid it a “stamp-out” goodbye with all it’s staleness, and forcefully catapult themselves to a new world full of freshness, men’s psyches can get quite adventurous in trying to testify of something it can’t tangibly feel.

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Poem: I never called life a bitch!

Some have said that this bitch of a life
Likes to be mercilessly raped
That there is no eating her fruit
Except taking it by force.
Well, if they are right,
Then real men must soon be extinct
And only dogs will be truly alive.

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Poem: It comes to me

It comes to me marching like an army of rain
Sometimes with stealth footfalls of dawn and dew
But it comes to me
Then, I’m at the bottom of the waterfall
Drenched, washed and one with the fountain
It comes to me and then it flows
And when it gets to you
I’m no longer the same.

©2010, Poem by Tee Akindele

Poem: Turn on The Light

I could drag on like this or I may not
About how I’m living or dying – guessing or caring not
Thriving is a lesser problem – this is a different kind;
I’m not seeking to be special …
Whereas what is normal is so undefined
What is my existence? I’m blinded to ordained purpose…
Who am I?
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Poem: Everyday is poetry

Whether it brings downpour or a brilliant shine
Some days may be murky, others will be fine
But whether we are thankful or sad
Is left for our imagination to decide;
Events never tell a single story,
And everyday is many-sided poetry.
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Hello, I am Tee Akindele and I like to write… duh!

Don’t mind me, I was just thinking it’s almost a month since I started this blog (Everyday Poetry), and I’m trying to weigh my feelings. I certainly have no regrets, it’s been good actually and I guess it has motivated me to write new poetry, most of my initial posts were quite old, some even as old as a decade.

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Jos Crisis! Religious or Not?

I used to refer to the recurring killings in Jos as a religious crisis, well, not for now. I wonder what qualifies a religious crisis these days? I think we have consistently allowed an evil that raids our nation to get away with a cheap masquerading. We need no longer accept the theory that the issue is religion, lest we stoop to the stupefying imagination that we deal with something above the law; holy wars, divine forces of judgment or angels of death, when we ought to be wiser. Read the full article here …

Being Nigerian – an identity crisis

An identity crisis

Nigerian Flag

I like to think I’m a patriot, I fancy myself a true Nigerian, but the problem is … I don’t know what that means anymore, actually I guess I never did. So I ask myself: what does it mean to be Nigerian? what is the Nigerian identity? what does it symbolize? What in it’s essence am I proud to be identified with? Read the full article here …

Poem: The World

The world is standing on her crown
Her skirt’s open to outer space
Everything is seen in delusion
For rebellion like a thick fog mantles the atmosphere

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Poem: Small World

Now and then a stranger or event
rings a familiar bell
and I’m caught wondering
how it’s a small world really.
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