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Why I write?

I love to live, I’m enamored of life’s beauty;
Indeed the world’s creation is a masterwork of grace and art;
And so, I look, I think and I take notes.

I love people, I’m obsessed about love;
For we all are wonderfully made in The Divine image;
And so, I touch, I feel and I take notes.

When I see the world failing;
The God-like glory’s fading;
From grace and honor falling away;
I look to The One, Love,
To find Truth; Righteousness
And beauty that will stay with and beyond time;
and I take notes.

I am deep; my joy is deep, my pain is deep,
my hunger is deep, my convictions are deep;
but my memory can be shallow, so lest I forget
the things I see, touch and feel;
the life I have received, live and love;
I take notes.

I have many reasons WHY I must write, hopefully in this compendium of my poetry you may find out more.

2010, Tee Akindele