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Poem: World without redemption

[Culled from an ongoing work: Justice is not man-made]

How do you judge the betrayal of a body that not only survived the assault but prospered the seed of rape? Or what kind of redemption is in the healthy birth of such a child that reminds the mother of being ravaged by a beast? Apparently to my frail mind, such redemption may  be as evasive as justice is elusive.

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Poem: A bad name

You strung him up
With a bad name
And you’ll have him hanged.
Beneath choked spurted breaths
He whistles his defense
But cannot clear himself
As accusation squeezes tight on his throat Read the full article here …

Poem: I never called life a bitch!

Some have said that this bitch of a life
Likes to be mercilessly raped
That there is no eating her fruit
Except taking it by force.
Well, if they are right,
Then real men must soon be extinct
And only dogs will be truly alive.

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Poem: Foolishness is a big-bosomed Lady!

Beckoning, wooing; flagging her fancy
for who may fall victim; inviting
to all with promises of safety and pity.
The understanding mother
and the soothing mistress;
her cushion bosom is full
of consolations and illusions;
ignorant men find sick comfort
and empty content in her cradle.
Foolishness sure has her besotting ways! Read the full article here …

Poem: Dance for hope

You live in a complicated world,
And unlike your feelings,
You don’t own it or control it.
Life has it’s music – a wild orchestra
With happenstance seemingly falling in and out of line;
Sometimes, it’s checkered tune is insufferable
And the passing of time may seem a miserable monotony. Read the full article here …

Being Nigerian – an identity crisis

An identity crisis

Nigerian Flag

I like to think I’m a patriot, I fancy myself a true Nigerian, but the problem is … I don’t know what that means anymore, actually I guess I never did. So I ask myself: what does it mean to be Nigerian? what is the Nigerian identity? what does it symbolize? What in it’s essence am I proud to be identified with? Read the full article here …

Poem: Anxious


The sky is cheerfully active,
The clouds gather in a reunion party,
They thicken in solidarity,
As their mirthful laughter echoes down to earth
With splendid bright flashes.
The wind also plays tricks on the trees
And every thing hanging
They all fold over or bend double in laughter
Making gay noises.

Even the little animals can sniff
The anticipated, in the air,
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Poem: Joy is not man made

Some have said that there is no God
That the whole world
Is an evolution of accidental science
Yet no inventions of our intense learning
Answers to the harrowing bottomless-ness
Of the human soul.

Have you ever looked
Into an infant’s toothless smile
And felt something resonate
In your heart with hers
Something in you
That could be forever young;
Our sacred souls
That bear no age.
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Poem: Chance

When the dials of a lottery machine spin
and hearts beat to match it’s fast clocking,
it may seem like the dials have a mind of their own
and with centripetal resolution know where they’re going.
But when the pointer finally rests, the result is nothing new;
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Poem: Lone?

I had never been distressed so
I felt so alone
Not even a distant but warm hello
From a loved one over the phone
And then my spirit was just too low
To feel my favorite music’s comforting tone.
Under my head felt my pillow
Cold as a graveyard stone.

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