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New year palaver

Stringed with so many unsuccessful resolutions and strained with so very demanding wishes, stretched with several uncertain anticipations and chequered with diverse experiences, hard-used and expired, an old year passes out of our lives. Determined to bid it a “stamp-out” goodbye with all it’s staleness, and forcefully catapult themselves to a new world full of freshness, men’s psyches can get quite adventurous in trying to testify of something it can’t tangibly feel.

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Poem: Home-sick for Heaven

A pilgrim in an alien world
Constantly seeking intervention from my Lord
By nothing consoled in this raided place
Like the small picture of home that lingers before my face. Read the full article here …

Poem: Busybodies

Walking and walking
Talking and talking
Seeing and hearing -
What haven’t her eyes seen?
Or his ears heard?
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Poem: Life is a Road…

Life is a road;
The only course there is
That varies in length and clearance
According to those who use it.

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Poem: The Rain


Let the rain come… Oh let it pour.
Hear! Lofty clouds gather together and let down the rain;
Oh spongy masses, squeeze out your juice
relief and refreshment for distraught earth loose.
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Poem: A Sorry Feast


Indolence has called a feast -
A self-pity feast
“Come all that care to be my guests”
It says “plenty to drink and eat”.
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Poem: The Prostitute

Once again from my window
Down across the street she roams
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Poem: The World

The world is standing on her crown
Her skirt’s open to outer space
Everything is seen in delusion
For rebellion like a thick fog mantles the atmosphere

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Poem: God-Friend

I have friends who love me,
In this wise, I accord most of them merit.
In thick and thin, some ‘ve been there really
Yet it’s only within a human limit.

When I’m needy they often offer help -
At least they show sympathy when unable.
They also have their own problems and handicap
Like me, they are finite - thwarted by the impossible.

There is only one friend who is infinite,
His divine essence transcends the limits of the sky;
I can refer to Him my every plight
For He is in reiterating multiples stronger than I.

He only can assure in the roller coaster of uncertainty and doubt
And hold me fast enough when I’m fiercely spun;
He can reach deep enough to draw me out
If ever I’m caught in the dreary depths of sorrow’s canyon.

In trouble, in peace, He’s right there by my side -
No vacation or distance comes between us;
When I need comfort, He knows just how I feel inside
As the apple of one’s eyes, I’m to Him precious.

He has moved mountains and calmed troubled seas,
His grace has never failed and avails me even now;
My God-friend – His power shines in tender mercies;
Why ever have I worried? He always has known ‘the how’.

2001, poem by Tee Akindele