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Jos Crisis! Religious or Not?

I used to refer to the recurring killings in Jos as a religious crisis, well, not for now. I wonder what qualifies a religious crisis these days? I think we have consistently allowed an evil that raids our nation to get away with a cheap masquerading. We need no longer accept the theory that the issue is religion, lest we stoop to the stupefying imagination that we deal with something above the law; holy wars, divine forces of judgment or angels of death, when we ought to be wiser. Read the full article here …

Poem: Jos Hope

I’d like to dedicate this piece to the bereaved families of the victims in the dis-heartening, recurrent violent crises around Jos, Plateau State. I pray that God will help us do what we should as a people and as a Government to keep these evils far from us, and to restore a lasting song of Joy and recovery in those parts.
Read the full article here …