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Posts Tagged ‘humor’

Poem: The red eyes of Lagos

I’m the rough voiced civil servant
Collecting my wages on the street
The public utility Landlord
Keeping the peace and collecting rent
I’m the government of roughnecks
Enforcing law and order underneath the grassroots
I’m an eccentric citizen, so what?
Make no mistake, I know my rights!
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Poem: Owambe and the city

Lagos is the land of bustle
Melting-crackpot of a metropolis
Our weather, business and temper mostly is hot
And our spirit always just manages to bubble
Between hitting humid roads and hitting sweaty sacks
Lagos life is one long traffic jam
From Monday to Friday, sunshine is our traffic light
But all roads will lead to where the party’s at
Come weekend, come the owambe nights.
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Poem: Busybodies

Walking and walking
Talking and talking
Seeing and hearing -
What haven’t her eyes seen?
Or his ears heard?
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Poem: Mischievous thing

mosquitoI lay and toss, but sleep wouldn’t come.
Toss and toss for a long while,
but I wait… until…
I begin to sense it
By sensing less and less,
I’m yet to snore but I sense nothing more or less,
Except – this buzz, this persistent noise -
this mischievous thing that wouldn’t let me sleep.
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