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Poem: Drown it in the flood

You made him the center of your world
But he determined to loose himself and be lost anyway;
The one you called your baby,
Who fed from the bosom of your love,
Has strayed, following his wild appetite elsewhere,
Leaving you tearing at your hair like a miserable hag.

You may cry yourself a flood, my lady,
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Poem: True heroes

Let the square roar exultantly
Let taut drum-skins boom flatteringly
And skilled dancers throw themselves like dust in the air;
Let’s lift our voices in high spirits, in the manner
Worthy of receiving our warriors when they return victoriously.
Let mothers now take the floor
let them mount on our admiration with their accustomed grace
Let them ride with the poise of veteran warriors
Because they took on evil at the gates
And licked our enemies before they could learn our secrets
Let them pride! let them make ako!

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