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Posts Tagged ‘2006’

Poem: Wedding Day

Life, God has made rich in wonders -
We haven’t seen them all.
Yet it’ll never give us enough satisfaction
If we only always look for more.
We often think that great blessings
Only lie in painful paths
So we despise the simple chance for love, joy and fulfillment
That God bestows in our laps.

It seems my beloved, you landed right in my lap Read the full article here …

Poem: Chance

When the dials of a lottery machine spin
and hearts beat to match it’s fast clocking,
it may seem like the dials have a mind of their own
and with centripetal resolution know where they’re going.
But when the pointer finally rests, the result is nothing new;
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Poem: Small World

Now and then a stranger or event
rings a familiar bell
and I’m caught wondering
how it’s a small world really.
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