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Poem: Let my day be filled with love

As dawn is gaily chimed
In the windpipes of dutiful cocks,
Let my mind resonant soar
With the color filling the fields
And today be ushered with hope
As brightness catches on the sky.
So let my day, everyday, be filled with love.

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Poem: Lone?

I had never been distressed so
I felt so alone
Not even a distant but warm hello
From a loved one over the phone
And then my spirit was just too low
To feel my favorite music’s comforting tone.
Under my head felt my pillow
Cold as a graveyard stone.

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Poem: Love Mine

Food for the body or the body for food?
Love is the soul’s good
And joy is in its fill.
One blessed with love knows best the thrill
Of loving others: helping them to feel.
Love a man and you would help him love another
This is love’s geometric magic – love’s thrill

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