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Poem: World without redemption

[Culled from an ongoing work: Justice is not man-made]

How do you judge the betrayal of a body that not only survived the assault but prospered the seed of rape? Or what kind of redemption is in the healthy birth of such a child that reminds the mother of being ravaged by a beast? Apparently to my frail mind, such redemption may  be as evasive as justice is elusive.

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Poem: Mortals playing at God

Primeval is the lust to close the gap between man and his maker
But man is hardly satisfied for God to be the reconciler
Man ignores his debts and presumes he is his own savior
Than God’s Word, crucified, they decide they can use more
They have learnt how the spirit rules the physical
And so they study to be mystical -
Through extreme exercise to enter ‘the spirit’.
Today scientists research on how God is a lie
And mystics try by assorted rituals God to demystify.
Since the garden, man has challenged God’s knowledge
The desire to be His equal has thrown them over the safe edge.

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Poem: Foolishness is a big-bosomed Lady!

Beckoning, wooing; flagging her fancy
for who may fall victim; inviting
to all with promises of safety and pity.
The understanding mother
and the soothing mistress;
her cushion bosom is full
of consolations and illusions;
ignorant men find sick comfort
and empty content in her cradle.
Foolishness sure has her besotting ways! Read the full article here …

Poem: Dance for hope

You live in a complicated world,
And unlike your feelings,
You don’t own it or control it.
Life has it’s music – a wild orchestra
With happenstance seemingly falling in and out of line;
Sometimes, it’s checkered tune is insufferable
And the passing of time may seem a miserable monotony. Read the full article here …

Poem: The gospel truth

I’m the rugged and hard worn gospel truth;
The aged, weather beaten, sun-washed road sign Read the full article here …

Poem: Everyday is poetry

Whether it brings downpour or a brilliant shine
Some days may be murky, others will be fine
But whether we are thankful or sad
Is left for our imagination to decide;
Events never tell a single story,
And everyday is many-sided poetry.
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Poem: A Sorry Feast


Indolence has called a feast -
A self-pity feast
“Come all that care to be my guests”
It says “plenty to drink and eat”.
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Poem: Chance

When the dials of a lottery machine spin
and hearts beat to match it’s fast clocking,
it may seem like the dials have a mind of their own
and with centripetal resolution know where they’re going.
But when the pointer finally rests, the result is nothing new;
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Poem: The World

The world is standing on her crown
Her skirt’s open to outer space
Everything is seen in delusion
For rebellion like a thick fog mantles the atmosphere

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Poem: Small World

Now and then a stranger or event
rings a familiar bell
and I’m caught wondering
how it’s a small world really.
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