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Posts Tagged ‘fear’

Poem: Across the great river

The face of day is darkened in this wilderness -
The earth, from a curse is barren of lasting happiness;
While these black clouds are hanging here so low,
From toil and strife we’ll never respite know…

Across the great river, there is not a shadow of gloom
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Poem: Your back is turned on me

Your back-side always had it’s appeal
I liked to watch your comely shape
Melt into the shadows;
I liked the juicing of adrenaline,
As I chased you into the dark
The rush, as I closed in on you
I was your junkie
I wouldn’t go to sleep until you made me high. Read the full article here …

Poem: Deep kiss

Your lips are like smooth pebbles
Washed out and shining on the river bank
Their parting is like the freshness
Frothing on the surface of the ocean
Calling me for a cool dip or a warm plunge
Depending on whether it’s a sunny afternoon or a chilly night. Read the full article here …

Poem: Monsters in the dark

Whenever the lights were put out
I suffered an insanity bout;
I was thrown in a claustrophobic frenzy
as if giant walls were collapsing all over me,
I shivered like a hen in the rain
as my nerves sent poisons to my brain,
then every draft of air stung like an asp
and could well have been hell’s very gasp.
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